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Robin's Nest is managed, programmed, and run 100% by volunteers.  We know your time is a gift and we are infinitely grateful to our volunteers that choose to spend part of their day with us.

Together is the path to build a better future. 

Who can Volunteer?

High School Community Service High School teens can get their volunteer hours at the farm!  Get two hours of community service each time you volunteer over the summer. 

Independent Volunteers - Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and can sign up on our Events Calendar for monthly volunteer days.  Volunteers between the ages of 14 - 18 can volunteer when accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Court Appointed Community Service - Robin’s Nest is an approved entity to perform court-appointed community service hours.

Companies, Clubs and Organizations - Organize a group day of service so you can work together for the benefit of the farm. 

Other Ways to Volunteer

Special Events Crew for the occasional volunteer experience  -  We often need help preparing and running our special events and activities throughout the year.  Join this crew and our volunteer coordinator will contact you before the events occur to ask for help.  These activity events may include: 

  • Hug a Horse​

  • Yoga with the Horses

  • Paint and Party

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Mini-Derby

  • Pumpkin Carving

  • Halloween Fright Trail

  • Birthday Parties

Additional Volunteer Opportunities -  we are currently looking for specific skills sets for the following: 

Skilled Build Crew - Building horse runs with wood, installing pavers, fixing fences, building green houses, using power tools- any building skills are always helpful and welcome.  

Digital Crew - Digital marketer, anyone experienced in administration and marketing who can help us grow by contacting sponsors.

Do you have extensive farm experience and want to help out frequently?

We can always use more help from those who already have farm experience! Please contact Wendy Ingrahm at

Things to remember

  • Dress for the weather! Bring layers, gloves and a hat if needed. 

  • Where tennis shoes or preferably boots. It can be  muddy in the fall, winter and spring. 

  • Bring snacks and water bottles as needed.

  • Work as a team and remember the rules of the farm.

  • Stay clear of horses during their training or riding lessons.

  • The horse turnouts have electric fences. If you see an exposed wire on a fence, please don’t touch it.

  • All participants are required to sign a volunteer waver.

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