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Our Stories!

There are many amazing stories at Sky View Farm as a result of the work through Robin's Nest Foundation.  Here are a few we want to share. 

During January of 2023, 9NEWS ran a news story and video on Sky View Farm with Owner/Founder Wendy Ingraham.   9NEWS Reporter Byron Reed says, "There's a farm in Douglas County that's using a unique approach to address the social and mental health of their community."  See the video and article!  


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The farm is helping students like Arapahoe High School junior Evan Spond. He sought out Robin’s Nest Foundation as a way of coping with his PTSD. In May of 2019, Evan survived the STEM High School shooting in Highlands Ranch, CO.  Evan remembers, "On May 7th of 2019, a shooter at my school opened fire in the classroom right across the hallway from mine, and he shot and killed one kid who was trying to run and protect everybody else. There was one person in my classroom who was shot through the wall,” Spond said. “In the moment, I didn’t know what to think, I was pretty much frozen but looking back, it was a really hard experience for me.”


Read the full article here 

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Robin's Nest hosts Yoga in the Barn once a month during the spring, summer and fall.  Participants can connect with nature and the farm animals, but especially with the horses.  Yoga is held in one of Sky View Farm's barns

Read the full article here 

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Emma Beaman, was a senior at Douglas County High School when she was suffering with debilitating anxiety.  The medication she was taking made her sick to her stomach.  What did end up helping Emma was working with Stormy at our farm.  Stormy suffered from anxiety as well.  He was discovered caught in a fence out in the filed suffering from colic (abdominal pain) and was not expected to live. With Emma's help, he was slowly brought back to health and the two were able to help each other to heal.  Emma said when she started to feel her anxiety growing she would head out to the farm because he helped her more than any medication ever did.  

Robin's Nest and War Horse Project worked together to support individuals suffering from challenges like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Their mission was to empower teens and veterans through proven equine interactions.  It is through nonverbal communication and connection with horses that participants become empowered.  Benefits included peer inclusiveness, self-confidence building and socialization.  

Read the full article here 

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