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Adopt a Horse!

Help Robin's Nest feed, shelter, and veterinarian care for one of our special horses.

Meet Our Support Horses

Adopt one of our support horses and a plaque with your name will be proudly displayed on the horses barn stall.  Our horses will appreciate your support!

Read about each of our support horses below and choose which one tugs at your heart.

Fabio ​came to the farm when his owners could no longer take care of him because of an illness. They still come back to visit him to get a taste of his everyday magic.  No one can deny he’s the cutest Vinny in the program This stubborn, sweet, lovable Winnie, full of love and joy, often makes everyone laugh. He is our mascot and clown. He is truly our little man that makes everyone smile. Fabio came to us as He competed in the First Annual Mini-Derby in 2022 and is ready for another competition this spring!


Stormy is the horse that started at all. Stormy, now 21, was in an unethical trainers lesson program where he got injured. She took him off-sight and put him out to pasture instead of treating him. In the pasture, he got himself stuck under a fence and faced death as he faced a life threatening condition if not immediately addressed.  A farmer found him and took him to CSU where he got treatment. Soon after the original owner brought him to Sky View Farm for rehabilitation. Stormy stole Wendy's heart. She had a new trainer try to rehabilitate him but was told there was nothing that could be done. Wendy disagreed and as an athlete she saw so much potential in Stormy. He was honest and true, and told us what he thought and felt.  With the right guidance from our vet he became one of our best horses. A young lady that was struggling with depression came to the farm and Stormy immediately took to her. It was a miracle match. They took each other under their wings, and together made the journey to good health.  There were some setbacks, frustrations, and very trying times. But in the end, they made both of their dreams come true by going to a horse show winning reserve champion in their class. It was a very proud moment and one of the powerful stories of how animal to human relationships can heal all.

bandit (1)_edited.jpg

Sparky was donated to our program after his owner Arielle Gold, an Olympic snowboard medalist was retiring from her sport to move on to Vet school. We were honored she wanted him with us so he could teach all his wisdom. He continues to teach the hard lessons that helps people all ages open their minds to a more positive mind set.  Sparky is the perfect horse to teach a kid how to ride; he teaches a stern lesson to his rider. 


Bandit came to us under an unfortunate situation of very sweet girl who could no longer afford him.  One look in Bandits eyes can melt your heart and make you want tell him all of your secrets. He turns those secrets into magic confidences builders. He is one of our most powerful horses in giving kids the tools they need to move forward. 

paulie new_edited.jpg

Paulie is a true unicorn as his soul has healed more hearts than can be counted. Sweet Paulie was one of the lucky ones by escaping the powers of an unethical trainer. He became the face of Robin's Nest through his amazing powers of animal to human healing. His kind soul will melt anyone’s heart as he is one of the horses that understands all. His first job at the farm was magical when he helped an autistic girl get through middle school. She went to her first horse show, that she never dreamed she could do, and they won a ribbon!  Paulie had many jobs as a show horse in back in his day. Paulie will be the oldest horse in our program, turning 30 in May 2023

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