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The 2023 2nd Annual Mini-Derby was a huge success!

We had a great crowd at Sky View Farm for this fundraiser.  The proceeds will support Robin's Nest Foundation, Mile High Rescue, The Aspen Effect, Freedom Dogs, Purple Lotus Warrior Yoga and Mustard Seed Ranch.

The event had food trucks, fun desserts, a wine pull, a whiskey pull and adult beverages.

Before the mini-derby races, there was a hilarious goat race with Hernandez winning by a nose.  The actual mini-derby had multiple races and last place was eliminated at each race... until there were two.  A super fun final race ultimately ended with Hopscotch taking the win! 

If you missed it, we hope you can make it for the 2024 Mini-Derby event!

7K3A9261 05062023.jpg
7K3A7907 05062023.jpg
7K3A8879 05062023.jpg
7K3A9236 05062023.jpg
7K3A8895 05062023.jpg
7K3A9196 05062023.jpg
7K3A8339 05062023.jpg
7K3A9270 05062023.jpg
7K3A8232 05062023.jpg
7K3A8225 05062023.jpg
7K3A8192 05062023.jpg
7K3A7932 05062023.jpg
7K3A8872 05062023.jpg
7K3A8453 05062023.jpg
7K3A8293 05062023.jpg
7K3A8266 05062023.jpg
7K3A8465 05062023.jpg
7K3A8423 05062023.jpg
7K3A8468 05062023.jpg
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