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Welcome to 
Robin's Nest Foundation Inc.

Watch the 9 News interview with our owner and founder, Wendy Ingraham. Learn about the circumstances that drove Wendy to start Robin's Nest after three of her good friends, including Robin Williams, committed suicide in the span of three months. Hear about Wendy's passion to support the youth in our community with multiple mental health programs.  


The purpose of Robin’s Nest Foundation Inc. is to support the mental health of our community.

We offer a safe space for people and local nonprofit partners to explore mental health alternatives such as horse interactions, group programs, volunteer activities, and individual therapy. Our goal is to provide an environment where people can be healthy through connection with nature and animals.

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Robin’s Nest Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the mental health of our community through the animal to human connection. This connection is a proven tool for treating humans of all ages experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or trauma-related symptoms. Equine-assisted therapy is effective in cultivating greater self awareness, self efficacy, and confidence. We offer groups, camps, and individual counseling options for those with various mental health needs. Robin’s Nest also offers a space where other mental health nonprofits can operate which broadens the resources available to the needs of the community.

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“Wendy’s unbreakable spirit, generosity and passion for helping our community with mental health is limitless.” Tera Radloff (Former Castle Pines Mayor)

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